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Markings and definitions

Tire size marking

340/85 R 24

340Nominal section width (in mm)
85Aspect ratio H/SW (in %)
RRadial construction
24Nominal rim diameter (in mm)

15.0/55 – 17

15.0Nominal section width (in inches)
55Aspect ratio H/SW (in %)
Cross-ply construction
17Nominal rim diameter (in inches)

31 × 15.50 – 15

31Overall diameter (in inches)
15.50Nominal section width (in inches)
Cross-ply construction
15Nominal rim diameter (in inches)

17.5 L – 24

17.5Nominal section width (in inches)
LReduced aspect ratio
Cross-ply construction
24Nominal rim diameter (in inches)

7.50 – 20

7.50Nominal section width (in inches)
Cross-ply construction
20Nominal rim diameter (in inches)

16 × 4

16Overall diameter (in inches)
4Nominal section width (in inches)

Tire sidewall marking

MITASTrademark of producer
480/80 R 50Tire size marking
AC 85Tread pattern code
159Load index (LI 159 = 9 647 lbs)
BSpeed symbol (B = 31 mph)
A8Speed symbol (A8 = 25 mph)
TUBELESSTubeless tire
Direction of rotation
R-1WU.S. tread profile marking