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The Mitas IN Newsletter is intended for our business partners, users of our products, friends, and fans of the Mitas brand. The Mitas IN Newsletter is about news and information of Mitas branded products, the successes of sportspeople using Mitas tires, and about various interest, you do not want to miss.

In the autumn issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter, we talk about the Mitas trailer tires that are developed specially for agricultural transport. The main product ranges are the Agriterra 02 to 04 for modern, large-volume trailers with high load capacities, and the AR (Agricultural Radial) 01 to 06 radial implements designed primarily for smaller machinery. The Agriterra tread patterns are full of benefits, for example Agriterra 03 has excellent self-cleaning properties. This provides an advantage off-road and under unfavourable climatic conditions. The AR tires are special for their variability since they can be used on varied surfaces and cover a wide range of load capacities. We are proud to introduce the first Mitas radial tire for excavators – the EX-01. This tire is suitable for paved roads as well as for demanding crushed stone or gravel terrains. Specially designed for dual mounting systems, it features a reinforced sidewall that ensures close contact between the tires, preventing being damaged by stone ingress. In this issue you can also read about our upgraded Mitas tire pressure app for farmers with new features and languages available, Mitas creative challenge - Draw Your Tire, or the partnership between Mitas Moto and Piaggio since Mitas TOURING FORCE-SC tires have been selected as original equipment for the new 2021 Piaggio Beverly 400 range.
In this year’s second Mitas IN newsletter we are introducing the Mitas AC 65 - one of our three main ranges of radial tractor tires. The AC 65 is a versatile, low-profile tire range for work in fields and on roads whose wide profile and large contact patch guarantee very gentle ground handling. The special narrower AC 65 N tires and other “sixty-fives” offered in many Mitas product groups, such as the SST, SFT, HC 2000, HC 3000 and AC 65 IMP, are also mentioned in this article. In additioin, we are presenting a new range of HC tire, the Mitas HC 3000 R. This new harvester tire features Very High Flexion (VF) technology, rounded shoulder sections and a wide footprint. These characteristics ensure increased traction and decreased slippage that lower fuel consumption. This is a great benefit from both, the economic and environmental perspectives. Last but not least, we remind you of the advantages of Mitas SFT (Super Flexion Tires), also bring news from the Mitas Moto business and talk about the Tire and Rim Association (TRA). We hope you enjoy reading this issue of Mitas IN!
In this first issue of 2021 Mitas IN Newsletter you can read about Mitas HC 70 radial tractor tires. The HC (High Capacity) in the range name indicates its load capacity and recommended use. Its wide profile also guarantee gentle ground handling. Mitas HC 70 tires are primarily designed for modern tractors with power outputs of up to 220 hp. We are happy to introduce the completely new Mitas AR-06 tread pattern designed for towing farm machinery. This new product is produced in the 500/40R17 IMP 154 A8 (142 A8) AR-06 size and is intended for smaller seed drillers, straw balers and smaller mowers. In this Mitas IN issue we also talk about Mitas crane tires that are available in two tread patterns, new Mitas motocross tires, new endure tire sizes and about the 2020 FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Champion and Mitas rider, Bartosz Zmarzlik.
In the second issue 2020 of the Mitas newsletter, you will find information about our widest range of Mitas AC 85 radial tractor tires. In the article about farm SFT tires, the record holder of the Mitas brand is the size 710 / 75R42 SFT with an outer diameter of 2171 mm. Data obtained by Mitas experts shows that while in 1957 the average section width of a representative sample of farm traction tires fluctuated around 300mm; widths of 450mm were exceptional. By 2017, tires commonly had an average section width of almost 900mm. The Mitas brand portfolio even included a tire with a section width of 1,220mm – the 1250/50R32 – designed for highpower tractors and combine harvesters, and available in several versions with different load capacities. Mitas EM tires designed for excavators, loaders and other construction equipment have universal use and can therefore also be used for farm machinery. Mitas offer two tread patterns that are manufactured in nine sizes. To meet the high demand for enduro motorcycle tires, we have re-launched several sizes of the E-07 series along with the successful E-07. Both versions remain interchangeable and compatible for front and rear wheels. As a result, they allow many options for personal tuning, which offers on the market only Mitas brand.
In the first issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter 2020 , we talk about the current Mitas tire range that includes over 300 radial tire sizes for farm, construction and material handling equipment. Mitas tractor tires are the most numerous group with new radial products such as tires in the VF (Very High Flexion Tires) category, the SFT tires where you can find the largest mass-produced Mitas tire – the 1250/50R32, and Mitas SST (Silent Speed Tires) with their special reinforced steel construction. Production of Mitas FL-08 tires has been transferred to the manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka to ensure better availability for Asian customers. These Mitas tires are offered through our global sales network. In this issue, we also mention the Mitas TERRA FORCE-EF motorcycle tires and the Gaadi linear tubes for bicycles which are a specialty in the Mitas inner tube range. In addition, we introduce a new design of Mitas websites that is more interesting now and offers a better user experience. The home page navigates users across individual product categories to dealers where they can purchase Mitas tires. Don't miss any of Mitas news and read this Mitas IN Newsletter 2020 issue!
In the last issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter 2019, we describe MPT – Multi Purpose Tires which are manufactured in radial and diagonal versions in dimensions that can be equipped on both construction and farm machinery. The Mitas brand offers 14 MPT tire designs. Mitas Agro-industrial radial tires are represented by the AC70G (MPT) tire range, universal multipurpose radial tires whose wide tread and significant rib overlap in the tread center provide stable, safe and comfortable on-road use. Mitas brand introduces a new tire "CUSTOME FORCE" for custom and cruiser motorcycles. Premium materials along with a robust carcass ensure great riding performance at different speeds and under all weather conditions. Reliable Mitas speedway tires have a long history. Therefore, most of the world champions are choosing Mitas SW-07 (rear) and SW-12 (front) tires for their machines. Read more in this last issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter 2019 here.
In the autumn issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter, you will find detailed information about the new VF 1000 / 65R32 CFO 200A8 HC3000R TL and 800 / 65R32 IMP 185D AGRITERRA 04 TL tires, which will be presented at Agritechnica 2019 in Hanover from 10-16 November. In this third issue of the Mitas IN newsletter, you will also learn that we have launched three new sizes of the SST (Silent Speed tire) radial tractor tires. The Mitas SST tires deliver greater user comfort and lower noise in the cab. In addition, you can find out more about Tractor Pulling achievements, where most teams compete on Mitas Powerpull 30.5L32 148A8 tires. On page 3, you can read about the 85ccm FIM Junior Motocross World Champion and about Ondřej Cink, who completed the cross-country mountain-bicycle World Championship race in Mont St. Anne in Canada. Lastly, we would like to introduce the new Moto product "Mousse" which is a replacement for motorcycle inner tubes for racing off-road tires and that the Mitas Moto website is now also available in German.
Mitas IN 02 Newsletter launched in July 2019 is the second issue of this year. In this issue, Mitas team introduces the largest Mitas SFT farm tire. We are going to produce another version with 1250/50R32 SFT size this year equipped with CHO technology and intended primarily for agriculture-related transport. Mitas AC 70G tires are radial implements with long service life, suitable for the nondriven wheels of farm machinery. More information is available on page 2. Tractor pulling events and the special Mitas Powerpull 30.5L32 148A8 tire are mentioned on page 3. Mitas skid-steer loader tires belong to the Mitas construction machinery tire segment. Read more about SK series on page 3. The new generation of Terra Force tires is introduced on page 3. More information about Mitas bicycle tires is provided on page 4.
The first issue of the 2019 Mitas IN Newsletter introduces the Mitas Cyclic Harvesting Operation (CHO) tires and the new HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tires. The latest farm tires were showcased at the Mitas stand at the SIMA Show in Paris from March 24 to 28 which proves that we constantly invest in expanding the Mitas tire portfolio. In this issue, you can also find out that the Mitas brand has become the official partner of the International Cycling Federation for the next two years and that we have expanded our radial range of the new TOURING FORCE motorcycle sports tires. An interesting article is also about the light battle bomber aircraft tires for the L-159 Alca and about the new aircraft tires for the new generation of the Czech L410 NG (civilian applications) and the L39 NG - advanced military pilot training aircraft.
In the second issue of the 2018 Mitas IN Newsletter, you can find information about Mitas farm tires such as HC2000, HC3000, Agriterra 02, Agriterra 03 and industrial Mitas CR-01 crane tire. Radial tires with high load capacities designed for non-driven wheels of farm machinery – this is the Mitas Agriterra range. The tires are widely used on modern flat trucks, farm carriers, trailers, semi-trailers and tankers. We also introduced the World Ploughing Championship and summed up the tractor pulling competitions for you. Additionally, you can find out more about the toughest enduro race - the Red Bull Romaniacs and about the Mitas TERRA FORCE-R motorbike tire range. Important is also our expanding offer of the Mitas mountain bike tires and a summary of the successful 2018 cycling season.
The first issue of the 2018 Mitas IN Newsletter is about our expanding range of the HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tires. The tire construction, featuring steel breakers, ensures high puncture resistance and on-road stability, while the unique cascade tread lugs design of the HCM tires provides optimal self-cleaning properties and improves off-road capability in the mud and snow. The Mitas VF (Very High Flexion) HC1000 tires have been developed to make their owners’ lives and work easier. HC1000 tread pattern is intended primarily for self-propelled farm sprayers that must move in crop rows without damaging them. Mitas launched several new tire models in this range in recent months. In addition, we inform you about the tractor pulling events that have taken place all over Europe since April 2018. Furthermore, you can read about the recent bicycle race events where riders have used Mitas bike tires and about the world’s best speedway Moto riders whose Mitas tires are the only best choice.