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Paris-Nord Villepinte/Prague, 16 April 2012 – Industrial tyre producer Mitas introduced new tires intended for material handling machinery, at Intermat in Paris. The new FLR-01 and SC-01 tires can be fitted on straddle carriers, terminal tractors, container handlers and forklifts used in port terminals and intermodal yards to handle bulk goods and large containers.

“Mitas is expanding its range of industrial tires,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ sales and marketing director.

“Mitas developed the FLR and SC tires based on steel radial technology, which allows for the handling of extremely heavy loads,” said Petr Hala, product manager. “The SC-01 is made stable to minimise lateral movement of the straddle carrier where the driver sits at the very top of the five-storey vehicle. This translates to ride comfort,” Hala adds. Straddle carriers can stack up to four containers and can lift up to 60 tonnes.

FLR stands for “forklift radial” and SC for “straddle carrier.” The tires are manufactured in the European Union.

MITAS a.s. is one of Europe’s leading producers of agricultural tires. Mitas manufactures and sells tires under three brand names: the company’s own Mitas and Cultor, and Continental under licence. In addition, Mitas produces and distributes a wide range of Mitas-branded industrial and motorcycle tires. Mitas is a member of ČGS a.s. Holding and operates three production plants in the Czech Republic and one in Serbia, and maintains a global sales and distribution network.

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