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Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty Adjustment Policy


STEP 1 Call your local authorized Mitas Tire Dealer. To find your closest authorized dealer, click here.

STEP 2 Make a copy of the new equipment purchase invoice or a copy of the tire purchase invoice. If you don’t have an invoice, your authorized Mitas dealer can determine the tires age based on the manufacturing date code.

STEP 3 Your authorized Mitas Tire Dealer will submit all necessary documents and photos of the damaged tire(s) to start your tire claim.

STEP 4 If the tire meets eligibility guidelines and is approved by Trelleborg Wheel Systems, your dealer will receive a credit for your replacement tire based on the warranty guidelines.

To review our warranty policy, click here.

Warranty Highlights

Mitas Radial Farm Tires

  • Tire coverage up to 8 years1
  • Free tire replacement including mounting during the first two years2
  • Stubble damage coverage thought the first three years2
  • Field hazard coverage thought the first two years2

Mitas Bias Farm Tires

  • Tire coverage up to 6 years3
  • Free Tire replacement including mounting during the first year2

1Pro-rated after 2 years | 2Certain limitations and conditions apply | 3Pro-reated after 1st year