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Mitas is releasing the Powerpull tire for the North American market

Charlotte (NC), April 28, 2016 – The special tractor pulling tire Mitas Powerpull has been released for sale in North America. After several months of in-house development and extensive testing, Mitas 30.5L32 148A8 Powerpull is available for pulling teams. It is manufactured as a slick tire without a tread pattern, allowing the competitor to create the winning tread design of their choice. Manufacturing of Mitas Powerpull 30.5L-32 is based on a process similar to that of Mitas’ high-horsepower tractor tires. This will guarantee endurance and durability.

“The big advantage of Mitas Powerpull is the fact that it is sold as a slick tire, allowing a custom cut according to the competitor’s specification,” said Neil Rayson, president of Mitas Tires North America. “To ensure being one of the first competitors to put on a new set of Mitas Powerpull tires, I would encourage pullers to contact their cutter and put their name on the list.”

Important specifications of Mitas Powerpull:

  • Tires are matched in pairs at the factory to a circumference tolerance of approximately ½ inch and are sold in matched pairs.
  • When the tires are matched at the factory, they are inflated to 80kpa (11.6psi) and the circumference measured. Although the U.S. standard is 10 psi, Mitas has calculated the difference in circumference at 11.6psi to only be 1 inch or less.
  • The average circumference of this production run at 11.6 psi is 207.6 inches.

During the final stage of development, Mitas took advantage of first-hand feedback on Mitas Powerpull's design from several pullers and pulling teams. These are a few examples of the impressive results Mitas Powerpull has achieved in competitions:

Heart of Illinois State Fair, 2015: 1st place (Modified)

Enderle Pulloff, 2015: 2nd place (Super Stock Diesel)

NTPA Winter Nationals, 2016: 1st place/Friday (Super Stock Diesel)

NTPA Winter Nationals, 2016: 2nd place/Saturday (Super Stock Diesel)

National Farm Machinery Show, 2016: 2nd place (Super Stock Diesel)

Mitas actively supports tractor-pulling events. In Europe, Mitas is the official partner of the European Tractor Pulling Committee (ETPC), supporting all Eurocup pulls. Mitas has recently prolonged its sponsorship agreement with ETPC for the Eurocup 2016 season.

For more details, Pullers and Cutters can contact Greg Payne (641-220-4154), email:

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