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Mitas launches a new EX-01 tire for excavators

Prague, July 1, 2021 – Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, launches a newly developed EX-01 tire. The model is the first radial tire for wheeled excavators featuring the non-directional EX-01 tread pattern and reinforced sidewall construction exclusively designed for dual mounting systems.

EX-01 tires“Dual mounted tires are often damaged by stone ingress. To date, construction machinery manufacturers have protected the tires with rubber rings. However, on the EX-01 tire, we’ve solved the problem with a reinforced sidewall that ensures close contact between the tires, preventing damage,” explains Jaroslav Musil, Mitas Product Manager for Material Handling & Construction Tires.

This new member of the excavator tire family is designed not only for paved roads but also for demanding crushed stone or gravel terrains, which place high demand on tires. With its all-steel construction, the new EX-01 tire offers greater stability and high puncture resistance.

The radial construction, used for the first time on Mitas excavator tires, increases the tire’s lifespan while providing the operator with a comfortable ride and low fuel consumption. The shaped shoulder of the new EX-01 tread ensures an effective grip on soft surfaces, while the thicker central tread improves stability and ensures smooth running on hard surfaces.

“Mitas is committed to providing great tires for excavators, something further confirmed by this new tire. We believe that the radial construction of the EX-01 will prove successful in this segment and convince users of the advantages of radial tires in these demanding conditions,” Jaroslav Musil concludes.

The EX-01 is currently available around the world in the 315/80R22.5 EX-01 size. In addition to the EX-01, Mitas currently offers 15 other sizes of diagonal tires for excavators with five different tread patterns, namely EM-22, EM-23, NB 38, NB 38 Extra ML and TI-12.

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