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The Best Show in Snow hits the road with the Mitas team

The Mitas brand will be present at the SIMA Trade Show, the key part of the traditional Snow & Ice Symposium. Come visit our Mitas booth #336 on August 18 –19 at Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio.

The Mitas team is proud to showcase its HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tire – constantly expanding range of universal silent running tires for all-season use. The HCM tire has a great performance on all terrains, from regular paved roads to mud and snow, and can be used in a variety of applications for multipurpose on-road and off-road transport, from agricultural transport to municipal services and load handling work.

SIMA’s 24th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium

Mitas team at SIMAThe 2021 Symposium has been split in four Roadshows in three locations: Cleveland, Philadelphia and Minneapolis as a result of the ongoing pandemic. While this SIMA Trade Show looks a bit different, it still gives to visitors the opportunity to meet the vendors and see what's new in their branch.

SIMA Trade Show introduces a wide range of products and services from equipment manufacturers, de-icing companies, software providers or industry consultants. If you don’t have enough time to meet a vendor, you can use the 1-on-1 video chat feature within the SIMA Show app to start the conversation with the vendors and learn more about the presented products.

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This year’s Snow & Ice Symposium will be different but will bring all of the things people love about the Symposium into a smaller footprint, possibly even closer to home.

Our Mitas team looks forward to meeting you at the booth #336 on the Roadshow in Cleveland between 18 – 19 August.

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