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Mitas HC3000 tires

Mitas HC 3000 tires for modern harvesting machinery

For farmers, the peak of the season begins with the arrival of summer. Harvesting time draws near, and with it the reward for all the work done in the field over the past year. To ensure a successful harvest, it is extremely important to choose quality tires for your machinery that minimize harvesting losses while providing maximum soil protection and a comfortable ride.

The Mitas HC 3000 radial tires are a fantastic choice for this season. They are designed for harvesters with power outputs of over 180 HP and expand the offer of harvesting tires under the Mitas brand, which also includes the popular SFT CHO series.

Mitas HC3000 farm tires

Mitas_HC3000The primary advantage of the HC 3000 tires is their high load capacity, enabling more efficient transportation of the harvested crop. HC 3000 tires are part of the VF (Very High Flexion) group, meaning compared to regular tires they have up to 40% greater load capacity, which is also independent of speed. This capability likewise translates into improved user comfort, as the driver does not need to change tire pressure according to speed – everything can remain constant. Another positive aspect of the VF tires is slippage reduction, as their ability to run at lower inflation pressures gives the tyres excellent traction.

Farmers will definitely appreciate the fact that Mitas HC 3000 tires are manufactured in a reinforced CFO (Cyclic Field Operation) version for cyclic work in the field – during harvesting, machines are repeatedly filled and emptied, resulting in frequent changes in loading. The reinforced construction gives the tyres longer service lives.

Mitas HC 3000 farm tires are also very soil friendly as their large footprint lessens ground pressure, reduces compaction and improves ground protection.

Where can you buy Mitas HC 3000 tires?

Mitas_HC3000RHC 3000 tires can be purchased from our dealers in 5 sizes, which you can view on our website. The VF 1000/65R32 CFO 200A8 HC 3000R TL is worth mentioning here, as it features an improved, rounded shoulder tread pattern (R – rounded). This design makes the tire, even more, soil friendly. The rounded tread pattern minimizes soil damage during operation in a field or meadow, and in particular when turning. While the HC 3000 is typically used on harvesters, the HC 3000R tread pattern is suitable for special agricultural machinery designed for the application of liquid fertilizers.

So, if you are looking for high-quality reliable tires with extra load capacity for your harvester or other harvesting machinery to provide high driving comfort and minimize soil damage, the HC 3000 tires are the right choice. You can search for a specific dealer – and product availability and price – using the dealer locator available here.